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June 12, 2011

So here I was again in Paris, the city I love to hate and hate to love. Previous trips to the City of Light had never been very enjoyable but I was here for business this time.

First stop was the Cabinet des Curieux in the Passage Verdeau to deliver my sculpture for Thierry Ruby’s “Underground” show. Being one of the last artists to deliver his work, I already got a good look at the amazing show he had put together. The little cozy gallery was cramped full of top notch artworks by about 40 artists, many of which I recognised and was looking forward to seeing again that evening at the vernissage.


Over 300 people showed up in the evening and many of them were a work of art themselves.  It was fun meeting up again with Patrice ‘PIT’ Hubert, Benoit Polveche, Christine Polis and Delphyne V to name a few, and plans for future shows were discussed. This show runs untill the end of August, so there’s plenty of time to go have a look.

Day 2 started with a visit to Corine Perier’s atelier, where she showed me some of her latest paintings. Corine paints surreal animals  in oil on wood. She will be part of our Winter Wonderland show at the end of the year, as well as our Creature show next year, and I’m very excited and happy about that.



The afternoon was spent meeting a few more artists and galleries, which I cannot talk about much yet at this point.

Around 4:30pm I made my way to the Place des Voges to meet up with artist Philippe Jozelon, who showed me his portfolio of his latest works. Philippe works digital and presents his strange creatures in very artistic and complex frames. I signed him up for our Heavy Metal show this fall and the Creature show next year. He panicked a little when I told him how many pieces I needed. 🙂



And then it was time for the vernissage of Stephane Halleux and Fifax at the Galerie Ariel Sibony. Stephane’s ‘steampunk’ sculptures out of machine parts and leather were amazing and Fifax’ oilpaintings, which incorporated Stephane’s characters, worked amazingly well together. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.



Crappy picture, I know. Again I met up with Benoit Polveche, Christine Polis, Delphyne V and Trëz, all of which will be in our Heavy Metal show in the Fall.

And that was it. Paris turned out to be very productive and I even found a few places I actually liked. So there’s hope for me yet.

After today, there is one more weekend to enjoy our ‘Light Fantastic’ show at the gallery and then we start preparing ‘Summer Madness’. More about that later.




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